According to the latest report released by IC Insights, the sales of MCUs will shrink by 8% this year, the largest decline among all major IC product categories.

IC Insights pointed out that MCU global revenue reached a record US$17.6 billion in 2018; it fell by 7% in 2019; it is estimated to continue to decrease by 8% to US$14.9 billion in 2020.

Despite the poor performance this year, IC Insights predicts that MCU will resume growth in 2021, with sales increasing by 5% to US$15.7 billion; a further increase of 8% in 2022; and another 11% increase to US$18.8 billion in 2023, reaching a new record high .

IC Insights: Global MCU revenue is expected to decline by 8% in 2020-SemiMedia

In terms of global shipments, IC Insights estimates that shipments in 2020 will decline by 8% to 23.5 billion. There will be a 6% rebound in 2021, with shipments reaching 24.9 billion. It will continue to increase by 8% in 2022, and it will increase by another 10% in 2023 to 29.6 billion.

IC Insights also pointed out that the automotive market is estimated to account for 40% of MCU revenue in 2020, with sales of US$6 billion. The industrial market accounts for 29% of MCUs revenue, with sales of $4.3 billion.