Yesterday, Goodix Technology announced that it has completed the acquisition of Dream Chip Technologies GmbH (DCT), a German system-level chip design company.

Goodix said that the acquisition is an important measure to promote its diversified strategic development and gather global innovation forces. DCT's strong technical capabilities, product capabilities and market advantages will deepen Goodix's technological innovation and application in the fields of smart terminals and automotive electronics, and provide better services to more global customers.

DCT is a fabless semiconductor technology company with strong technical development capabilities in the fields of ASIC, SoCs, FPGA, embedded software and systems. Its main products are used in automotive vision systems. DCT has a world-class image signal processing (ISP) R&D team with profound technical accomplishments in the fields of super-large-scale system-on-chips (SoCs), FPGAs, embedded software and systems. The strong combination of the two parties will build a more comprehensive Goodix global R&D system and accelerate and expand product development in the field of smart mobile terminals.

At present, Goodix's innovative vehicle-level solutions have been commercialized by many well-known auto brands. Integrating DCT's strong technical capabilities in the field of autonomous driving systems, Goodix will be able to provide global automotive customers with innovative products with more differentiated values.