Recently, LG Innotek announced that it has successfully developed the world's smallest Bluetooth module.

The size of the Bluetooth module is 6mm (length) x 4mm (width), which is approximately 75% of the old product. Using ultra-precision, high integration, ultra-fine processing technology, more than 20 kinds of parts such as ICs, resistors, inductors, etc. are all included in a rice-sized product. In order to eliminate signal interference, LG Innotek uses differentiated RF signal design technology to minimize part spacing.

The communication performance of this module is about 30% higher than that of the old product. Even if there is an obstacle between the user's smartphone and the IoT device, it can control the device and transmit real-time data. In order to achieve this, LG Innotek has adopted a self-developed "antenna integration" technology. The characteristic of the "antenna integration" technology is to design the antenna originally installed outside the module into the module. The antenna wraps the entire module to maximize the antenna area, thereby improving communication performance.

The low-power Bluetooth module is small in size and low in power consumption. The main application target is IoT devices with limited power supply such as small wearable devices. There are reports that LG Innotek's Bluetooth module may also be used in the future Apple Watch. Innotek is also seeking cooperation with healthcare companies that manufacture blood glucose measurement patches and smart home equipment manufacturers such as lighting.