According to Reuters, GlobalFoundries and SkyWater said on Thursday that they have reached an agreement to supply chips to the US defense industry and will jointly develop new technologies.

GlobalFoundries will provide chips for the U.S. defense industry through several U.S. factories acquired in 2015. In addition, IBM’s chip manufacturing division was also acquired by GlobalFoundries. Skywater was independent from Cypress Semiconductor in 2017. Last year it received US$170 million in funding from the US Department of Defense for the development of anti-nuclear and anti-space radiation chips.

According to a memorandum of agreement announced on Thursday, both GlobalFoundries and SkyWater will adjust the technology to provide reliable mass production support for the defense industry. SkyWater's chief technology officer and head of government relations Brad Ferguson said in a statement that the agreement could complement the government's policy aimed at restoring the United States' leadership in semiconductor manufacturing.