According to the Korea Times, SK Hynix said yesterday that it has established a partnership with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), the world’s top technology university, and will use artificial intelligence technology to improve the chip manufacturing process.

According to the memorandum of understanding, SK Hynix will provide data generated in the semiconductor manufacturing process to KAIST in real time through cloud computing. KAIST will use AI technology to analyze the data and help promote the development of the chip manufacturing process.

SK Hynix said it launched a cloud computing system at its headquarters in March this year. To enable KAIST to store the data provided, SK Hynix also set up a secure data store at the university’s Daejeon campus and its next-generation ICT research center, Seongnam-KAIST.

SK Hynix has been strengthening cooperation with Korean universities and colleges to further improve its capabilities in the semiconductor industry. The company's executives said that this cooperation is expected to help accelerate the development of chip manufacturing technology. In addition, the company has established a system that can immediately apply the AI algorithm developed by the university to the industrial field. It is hoped that this cooperation can train more AI professionals and promote the development of the semiconductor industry.