According to the supply chain, TA-I Technology, the world's leading chip resistor manufacturer, has issued a price increase notice and plans to increase the price of chip resistors by 15%.

EMS procurement sources revealed that TA-I has raised the price of chip resistors by about 10% in February this year, plus 15% this time, making the purchase cost increase by about 25% in two months.

According to industry analysis, the reason why the demand for chip resistors has risen in the past two months is that the COVID-19 epidemic has driven the growth of demand for personal computers, laptops and tablets. In addition, the construction of 5G base stations in mainland China is also one of the driving forces.

As for whether TA-I's production capacity is affected by the epidemic, industry insiders said that TA-I's factories are in Taiwan and have not been shut down. At present, the average capacity utilization rate has reached 90%, which is the highest in the chip resistance industry.

Regarding the price increase, TA-I responded that the recent urgent order demand exceeded expectations, and the production line is making full efforts to meet customer demand.