Wingtech pointed out that this fundraising is mainly for the introduction of three major areas in Nexperia China, including LPFAK advanced packaging production lines for high-power MOSFETs, increased production of standard semiconductor components, semiconductor packaging and test smart factory automation, and infrastructure construction. The funds will be mainly used for plant decoration and purchase and upgrade of various types of equipment and software. The upgrade will increase Nexperia China's standard device production capacity by approximately 7.8 billion pieces per year, comprehensively improve Nexperia China's packaging and test capacity and production efficiency, and increase its profitability.

Industry insiders pointed out that the fundraising means that Wingtech began to expand its investment in Nexperia. Nexperia's advanced packaging and testing technology and high-power MOSFET products will soon be introduced into China, which is of great significance to the growth of Wingtech's performance and the improvement of the overall level of the Chinese semiconductor industry.

According to reports, Nexperia China's packaging and test plant in Dongguan has an annual output of more than 69 billion pieces per year, and it is the world's largest small-signal semiconductor device packaging base. With the acceleration of 5G commercialization and the continuous emergence of smart terminal products, the demand for standard semiconductor devices will further increase. Nexperia China is actively deploying packaging and testing capacity to make forward-looking strategic reserves for potential customer needs.