As disclosure, Qualcomm is executing a Job cutting in India, the most impacted department is IoT, Server, QCT. The message been disclosed may from inside of Qualcomm, the contents are as follow.

IOT teams 40% reduction. Server team 50% reduction 50% transfers, QCT 80 names on the list.

Staff and Senior staff will be most impacted. Senior Engg. and Engg are safe until someone hates you. Directors will notify as they please. 60 day period is not for everyone. If you have work left you will get 60 days to transfer the projects, if your team is completely gone you will get 30 days and then stay at home.

Over next 2 years, everything except 5G goes to India. Upper management stays in SD and work gets done in India. New campus lease is being negotiated for Hyderabad.

If you are getting fired your RSUs will not vest

The news has not been certified yet, but according to an article posted by an insider on social media, he was the fourth interviewee from Qualcomm this week in a company interview. If the news is true, it means that many of Qualcomm's employees are already looking for the next job.