According to supply chain observations, in the past month or so, ADI's chips have experienced the largest price surge in history in the spot market, and some of the part numbers have increased by 600%.

Insiders in the supply chain revealed that the price increase on the spot market began in mid-March and was indirectly related to the spread of COVID-19. First, due to ADI's Medical Customer First policy, the capacity allocated to other customers has been reduced; second, the pandemic prevention measures in the Philippines and Malaysia have led to the interruption of the local semiconductor supply chain, and the delivery of components has been affected; third, after the countries in Southeast Asia announced cities lockdown, some electronic manufacturers worried about component shortages and increased their purchases in March, resulting in a short-term surge in demand.

In terms of price, the insider revealed that the price of the AD623 amplifier has increased by 600%, the AD620 amplifier has increased by approximately 250%, the ADM3053 and ADM2587 transceivers have increased by approximately 200%, the AD822 operational amplifier has increased by approximately 190%, and the AD7616 ADC rose about 160%.

As of today, the spot price of ADI parts has reached a historical high, but because ADI components are mostly key parts in the bill of materials and account for a large proportion of the cost of the PCBA, most electronics manufacturers cannot afford the current high prices.

Supply chain sources said that despite the current high spot price of ADI, there are actually very few buyers who can buy at the current price. Many buyers choose to wait and see or wait for lead time because they cannot afford the high cost.

It can be seen from the trading situation in the spot market that the current price has peaked, and it is believed that in the next month or so, the price will gradually decline and return to a level slightly higher than the normal price, the source said.