According to reports, the world's leading EMS provider Foxconn signed a contract with the Qingdao government in Shandong, China on the 15th, which confirmed that the Foxconn semiconductor packaging and test project landed in Qingdao. The project is scheduled to break ground this year, put into operation in 2021, and mass production in 2025.

According to Foxconn, the project is jointly invested by Foxconn Technology Group and Rongkong Group. It will use world-leading high-end packaging technology to process 5G communication and artificial intelligence application chips that are currently rapidly growing in demand.

Foxconn said that the high-end packaging and test project is the core link in the chip design, manufacturing and application industry chain, and it has a leading role in opening up the upstream and downstream industry chains and accelerating the upgrading of industrial quality.

In recent years, Foxconn has accelerated its planning and implementation in the integrated circuit industry. In addition to investing in a number of enterprises, it has also cooperated with multiple local governments to invest in the construction of semiconductor projects. So far, Foxconn has invested in several semiconductor-related companies, such as semiconductor equipment manufacturer Foxsemicon, semiconductor module packaging and test manufacturer ShunSin, LCD driver ICs design company Fitipower, and IC design service company Socle.