According to the latest data from SIA, global semiconductor sales in February decreased by 2.4% compared with January, of which China's decrease was 7.5%, reflecting the COVID-19 epidemic in February, which led to a sharp decline in Chinese market demand and chip sales stalled. .

According to the data, global semiconductor sales in February 2020 were US $ 34.5 billion. Although it increased by 5% from US $ 32.9 billion in the same period last year, it fell 2.4% from US $ 35.4 billion in January 2020.

From a regional perspective, sales from January to February in Japan and Europe increased by 6.9% and 2.4% respectively from the previous month; however, Asia Pacific and other regions fell by 1.2%, China fell by 7.5%, and the Americas fell by 1.4%, most of which showed a downward trend. However, sales in most regions have grown compared to the same period last year, with sales in the Americas increasing by 14.2% annually; Japan growing by 7%, and China sales increasing by 5.5%; Europe is down 1.8%, and Asia-Pacific and other regions are down 0.1%.

John Neuffer, CEO of SIA, said: "Global semiconductor sales in February were generally stable, surpassing the sales in February last year, but the demand in the Chinese market was significantly lower than in January. It can be seen that the actual overall impact of the epidemic on global semiconductor sales is beyond our control."