According to Japanese media reports, Murata has confirmed cases of novel coronaviruses at its MLCC factory in Japan, and the factory has been shut down yesterday.

According to the report, the factory is located in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, and is one of Murata's largest factories. It mainly produces MLCCs for mobile phones and computers, and its production capacity accounts for 25% of Murata's overall MLCC production.

The report said that 250 of the 5,500 employees in the factory had contact with COVID-19 confirmed cases. For safety reasons, all employees will be quarantined at home.

From a global perspective, Murata’s MLCC factories are located in mainland China, the Philippines, and Japan. Among them, the Philippine factory has a production capacity of 15%, and it has been suspended due to orders from the local government of the Philippines. The passive components industry estimates that the shutdown of the Philippine factory affected 40% of Murata’s Philippine output. Now its factories in Japan are also affected, which will make the global MLCC supply prospects more unstable.