Diodes Incorporated recently announced the PI3EQX10612/PI3EQX10312 2-port 10Gbps linear ReDriver™ devices with integrated USB-C® detection for equipment implementing a USB Type-C® interface. Offering 1:2/2:1 mux/demux functionality, the ReDrivers can be used to extend the reach of USB signals running across rigid or flexible PCBs in gaming consoles, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and other consumer applications.

As the speed of serial buses, such as USB, continues to increase, overcoming signal integrity issues and transmission losses requires the use of ReDrivers and retimers/repeaters. While retimers generally terminate a signal before retransmitting it, which can introduce significant latency, the PI3EQX10612/PI3EQX10312 ReDrivers are designed to amplify the signal while operating at the same speed as the bus. The increased drive this provides can allow the serial bus to travel over significantly longer PCB traces without any loss of signal. Every dB of channel loss compensation provided equates to a measurable increase in PCB track length.

The PI3EQX10612/PI3EQX10312 are fully compliant with the USB 3.2 Gen 2 and Gen 1 Super Speed standards. They provide adjustable linear equalization, output swing, and flat gain to reduce intersymbol interference with an automatic slumber mode that enables adaptive power management. The ReDrivers employ pre-emphasis at the transmission point to help compensate for channel losses, delivering high reliability and low bit error rate at the receiver. Control is achieved using an I2C interface or pin control. The PI3EQX10312 offers additional features including plug-in detection for USB-C connector and Vconn to power active cables.

Further information please visit PI3EQX10612 and PI3EQX10312.