Renesas Electronics recently launched the RX13T Group of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) to enable highly efficient inverter control of compact motors such as fans or pumps in consumer and industrial applications that previously controlled motor operation through on-off switching. This includes factory equipment where energy efficiency is a priority such as water discharge, supply pumps, or cooling fans for data sensor servers; and cordless, battery-powered household products where longer operating periods are demanded, such as electric power tools and vacuum cleaners.

The new RX13T Group offers higher efficiency and lower bill-of-materials (BOM) cost by incorporating functions optimized for single-motor inverter control, reducing the number of required peripheral components, and including low-pin-count packages in its lineup.

The RX13T MCUs are the first MCUs operating at 32 MHz to incorporate a floating point unit (FPU). The RX13T also provides functions with a proven track record on RX Family MCUs, such as inverter control timer (MTU3), 12-bit A/D converter, programmable gain amplifier (PGA), and data flash memory, making it possible to implement brushless DC motor control on a single chip.

“The 32-bit RX Family has a rich lineup of MCUs dedicated for motor control application since its market introduction ten years ago,” said Sakae Ito, Vice President of the IoT Platform Business Division at Renesas. “The RX13T demonstrates Renesas’ continuous pursuit to help our customers realize energy and cost efficiency in every type of motor control solutions across the globe. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of RX, we are committed to deliver constant product innovation to serve our customers and partners who make great solutions based on the RX Family of MCUs.”

The RX13T Group is the first in the RX Family to be available in a compact 32-pin LQFP package and a 48-pin LFQFP package. Renesas also plans to offer even smaller 32-pin 5 mm square and 48-pin 7 mm square QFN package versions. High compatibility with existing products such as the RX23T and RX24T in aspects such as timers and pin configurations makes it easy for customers to reuse existing hardware and software design assets.

Pricing and Availability

The RX13T is available now. Pricing varies depending on package, memory capacity and number of pins. For example, the 32-pin QFP package with 64 KB of ROM is priced at $0.99 USD (excluding tax) per unit in 10,000-unit quantities (pricing and availability are subject to change without notice).

For more information on the RX13T family, visit RX13T.