STMicroelectronics announced yesterday that it has joined the Zigbee Alliance member China (ZMGC) as a member of the council. ZMGC focuses on accelerating market adoption of Zigbee in China, simplifying development for manufacturers and increasing device compatibility for consumers. The Company’s council membership at the ZMGC aims to help the Alliance continue its success in China by bringing more visibility to Zigbee technologies and accelerate new product developments with ST’s contributions to improved interoperability and cross-technology compatibility.

“We are pleased to join ZMGC as a council member. STMicroelectronics has been consistently investing in Zigbee technologies and IoT applications and believes that China is one of the key growth markets. Being a council member allows us to join hands with Zigbee Alliance and all other member companies to explore market opportunities together,” said Arnaud Julienne, Vice President, Head of Marketing and Applications of MDG, IoT/AI Competence Center and Digital Marketing, Asia Pacific Region, STMicroelectronics.

Established to create and evolve open wireless standards for device-to-device communications for the Internet of Things (IoT), Zigbee is widely implemented and continues to grow across a broad range of applications, especially in industrial and consumer markets. With the extension of its Zigbee-related commitment and role into China, ST is poised to contribute to Zigbee’s growth in powering next-generation IoT devices, and to bring added value in creating communication and connection standards. Today, China represents a vital and dynamic market with 30% of Zigbee-certified products from Chinese companies in 2019.

The inclusion of wireless technologies in ST’s microcontroller product portfolio delivers key benefits for greater flexibility in device architecture and faster transition for the mass market to add connectivity. With the evolution of the connectivity and IoT markets, the STM32 MCU/MPU products include strong integrated security mechanisms to guarantee IP and privacy protection.

“We warmly welcome STMicroelectronics joining ZMGC as a council member. ST is a well-known global player in IoT and its membership to ZMGC further strengthens the Alliance’s leadership in promoting the Zigbee technology in China. ST’s advanced technologies will also bring different experiences to the China IoT industry. I expect pleasant collaboration with STMicroelectronics at ZMGC,” said Wilma Su, Chairwomen of Zigbee Alliance Member Group China.