On March 10, Alibaba's DAMO chip R & D team announced the official establishment of XG Lab.

According to reports, XG Lab is committed to promoting the research of next-generation network communication technologies, focusing on the collaborative research and development of 5G technologies and applications, and Researching video coding and decoding technologies and network transmission protocols that comply with the 5G era for scenarios such as ultra-high-definition video, online office, AR/VR, industrial Internet, intelligent logistics, and autonomous driving, and formulate relevant standards.

XG Lab is the 15th laboratory established by DAMO. Prior to this, DAMO has established a voice laboratory, vision laboratory, intelligent computing laboratory, autonomous driving laboratory, quantum computing laboratory, etc., all of which enjoy a high reputation in the industry. Over two years since its establishment, DAMO has won nearly 50 world awards in international high-end technology events.