Recently, Silicon Labs CEO Tyson Tuttle mentioned in an interview that the company's mission in 2020 is to simplify the way everyday devices connect to the Internet. In addition to new security platforms and services planned for the coming weeks, Silicon Labs plans to host its first Works With Smart Home Conference. Tuttle said these projects are part of the company's broader strategy to become a leader in the IoT market.

Silicon Labs has entered the field of Internet of Things for nearly a decade, and Internet of Things accounts for about 60% of Silicon Labs' current business. In recent years, the company has been focusing on its IoT wireless chips. Tuttle said that home security cameras and smart thermostats have become more common, but Silicon Labs sees great potential for applying IoT technology to industrial uses such as construction sites.

Tuttle said that the Internet of Things is one of the company's main priorities. To this end, Silicon Labs has developed a series of plans, including promoting products for communications infrastructure and products needed to regulate equipment current, transferring resources, making a series of acquisitions and introducing software features.

With the Works With Smart Home Conference planned for September in Austin, Texas, Silicon Labs will bring industry leaders together. "As IoT rolls out, you have more and more companies participating in this technology, so we are trying to lead by example to say, these are the right ways to build and deploy this technology," Tuller said.