Intel recently announced that it will lay off 128 employees at its headquarters. CEO Robert Swan said the company will cut off some non-priority businesses to optimize resources.

The layoffs are part of Intel's workforce adjustment plan announced last month. According to Intel, there are about 118,000 employees worldwide, and the proportion of layoffs does not exceed 1%, that is, about 1,100 employees are affected. In addition, Intel said that while layoffs, they will continue to recruit key talent around the world, with more than 1,300 new jobs expected.

In total, Intel's headquarters in Santa Clara has about 8,400 employees in different business units. Although Intel did not disclose the specific business units involved in the layoffs, its advanced technology department is clearly not included. According to Swan's previous statement, the 10nm production capacity has exceeded expectations, and 9 10nm products will be released in 2020.