According to the Nikkei News Report, benefiting from 5G demand, the total order amount of the six major electronic component makers in Japan (Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., TDK, Kyocera, Nidec, Alps Alpine and Nitto Denko) in October-December 2019 increased by 2% from the same period last year to about 1.56 billion yen, achieving the first increase in the past 5 quarters. However, the new coronavirus in China has increased uncertainty about the prospects for orders.

According to the data, Murata's orders in the previous quarter increased by 5-10% compared with the same period last year. In this regard, Murata said that it mainly benefited from the increase in demand for 5G base stations; TDK also benefited from the demand for base stations, and the number of orders showed a slight increase.

In fact, Murata's president Tsuneo Murata said in an interview with the Japanese media in October last year that the downward trend of MLCC is bottoming and is expected to rebound after early 2020. Now its sales performance also confirms Tsuneo Murata's prediction.