Recently, Chilisin, a subsidiary of Yageo, revealed that due to the demand recovery of resistors and inductors, orders in the first quarter have been fully loaded. In addition, due to rising demand, its distributors have increased the price of resistors by 10-15%.

The rebound in the passive electronic component market has led to a rapid rebound in resistor prices. Recently, there have been rumors in the market that major Asian manufacturers have raised their prices. Chilisin admitted that its distributors have increased the price of thick film resistors by 10-15% last week .

Chilisin revealed that the current high demand for 5G mobile phones and network communication equipment has led to full orders in the first quarter. The lead time of thick film resistors has been extended to 4-5 months, and the lead time of inductors is about 3-4 months.

In terms of current Chilisin inductor prices, it is about the same as the price of the same period last year. However, under the situation of continued rising demand, Chilisin is optimistic that the first quarter revenue is expected to be flat or slightly higher than the previous quarter, and will be better than the same period last year.