MEMC Korea Company (MKC), the Korean subsidiary of GlobalWafers, recently held its second fab completion ceremony in Cheonan, South Korea. GlobalWafers Chairman Doris Hsu said at the ceremony that MKC's second fab is a new milestone in GlobalWafers' forward-looking technology and operational growth, which provides stable supply of advanced wafers and helps the company operate.

According to reports, MKC is a 100% owned subsidiary of GlobalWafers and a very important R&D and manufacturing center in Northeast Asia. Over the past 30 years, MKC has continued to focus on the production and sales of high-quality 8-inch, advanced 12-inch wafers, and has established long-term stable relationships with major international customers.

According to GlobalWafers, MKC's second fab is the most advanced smart factory, supplying customers with stable quality and quantity of silicon chips through modern automated production. In the future, the new fab will be dedicated to highly automated 12-inch wafer fabrication with a monthly capacity of approximately 176,000 wafers.