On November 15th, Tsinghua Unigroup announced the appointment of Yukio Sakamoto as Senior Vice President and CEO of the Japanese branch. Unigroup is a leader in the field of integrated circuits in mainland China, and Yukio Sakamoto will be responsible for expanding its business in the Japanese market.

Yukio Sakamoto has more than 30 years of experience in the DRAM field and has excellent leadership in technology and strategic development. Yukio Sakamoto was formerly the deputy director of Texas Instruments Japan, the director of the semiconductor department of Kobe Steel, and the president, representative director and CEO of Elpida.

As early as June of this year, Unigroup announced the establishment of the DRAM Memory Division. The reason why Unigroup selected Yukio Sakamoto is undoubtedly his 30 years of experience in the memory industry. In fact, this is the second important layout of Unigroup in the field of memory chips. The first layout was YMTC, which mainly produces NAND flash.

Yukio Sakamoto said: "I am very honored to join Unigroup. I will use my experience in the professional field, combined with Unigroup's development strategy, to fully expand the Japanese market and help Unigroup's global development."

Zhao Weiguo, Chairman and CEO of Unigroup, said: "The appointment of Yukio Sakamoto is a reflection of Unigroup's global development strategy. We hope that branch offices around the world can hire local talents to better serve local customers and contribute to the development of the local market."