WPG, Asia's largest distributor of electronic components, announced that it will acquire a 30% stake in WT Microelectronics, Asia's second largest electronic component distributor. WPG stated that it is a financial investment and does not intend to participate in any of WT Microelectronics' company operations.

WPG and WT Microelectronics are the first and second largest semiconductor component distributors in Asia respectively. The news shocked the entire electronic component distribution market in Asia. Although WPG has repeatedly reiterated that the investment does not involve mergers and acquisitions, the industry believes this may be the first step in M&A.

WPG pointed out that WT is a very good team. In the context of trade wars, the global economic situation is changing rapidly, and all industries are facing many changes in internal and external environments. In recent years, WPG is continuing to promote digital transformation, actively integrate resources, and find good investment targets, hoping to build a synergistic ecology and stable development of enterprises.