According to media reports on November 3, Samsung has given up its self-developed CPU core and will turn to ARM architecture in the future.

The report pointed out that Samsung will close the R&D department at the Austin factory and dismiss about 290 employees. The layoffs will take effect on December 31.

Samsung spokesman Michele Glaze said that the closure of the R&D team was a decision after the relevant business evaluation. The other 3,000 employees at the Austin plant will not be in the layoffs plan, and the Austin factory will not be affected. Samsung respects all employees, and employees who have been dismissed have received advance notice and received appropriate resettlement and compensation.

Michele Glaze further pointed out that this decision was made to ensure that Samsung's future business will remain competitive.

At present, Qualcomm is producing higher performance, lower power chips. In contrast, Samsung Exynos' performance is slightly inferior. If Samsung continues to use the self-developed core, the Exynos 9830 may continue to lag behind the Snapdragon 865 in benchmarking. Therefore, Samsung will use ARM's high-performance core in the Exynos SoC chip.