Electronic component distributor WPG held a financial report yesterday. At the meeting, a WPG spokesperson said that the trade war between China and the United States has affected market demand. However, with new products such as 5G and multi-lens phones, customers are quite active. Looking ahead, WPG is optimistic about the fourth quarter and long-term sales performance.

In response to Texas Instruments’ end of its authorized distribution relationship with WPG, the spokesperson said: “We cannot comment on the manufacturer’s sales strategy. No matter how, WPG will continue to develop its own value, both for the industry and for customers."

The spokesperson stressed: "We currently have about 900-1000 R&D engineers, and we basically continue to introduce new solutions to our customers every season. Our principle is quite simple, that is, customers are the first. We believe that as long as the needs of customers are stabilized, revenue and profit will not have much impact."

In addition, the spokesperson also revealed that under the promotion of 5G and the Internet of Things, WPG actively increased related solutions such as smart city, smart home, and Internet of Things, laying a good foundation for future growth in revenue. WPG will continue to provide customers with higher value-added services, and hopes that the market share will continue to increase.