Recently, OmniVision released the smallest commercial image sensor, the OV6948, which measures 0.575 mm x 0.575 mm, has a 1/36-inch optical format and image array, and can shoot 200x200 resolution video at up to 30 fps for medical, internet of things, industrial and forensic applications.

The sensor is designed to provide the ideal solution for the smallest disposable endoscope in medicine. Since heat is a major problem during endoscopy, the sensor's low 25mW power consumption ensures less heat at the tip of the endoscope probe, increasing patient comfort and allowing longer operative time.

In addition, OmniVision has released the OVM6948-RALA camera made with this sensor, which is used in the medical field to access the smallest veins in the human body, providing a view to the surgeon for diagnosis and surgery. Previously, surgeons performed surgery based on experience or used fiber with much lower resolution.