Recently, STMicroelectronics and Arrow Electronics jointly launched an electronically controlled fuel injection electronic control unit and provided a complete reference design to meet the emission regulations of the automotive industry's forthcoming single- and dual-cylinder fuel engines.

The SPC5-L9177A-K02 electronic control unit reference design scheme is applicable to motorcycles, scooters, three-wheeled vehicles, etc., which are subject to the forthcoming Euro 5, BSVI, 5th emission standards and other higher standards. Generators, marine engines, agricultural engines, etc. using electronically controlled fuel injection electronic control units. Further more, it is also applicable to generators, marine engines, agricultural engines, etc. that use electronically controlled fuel injection electronic control units.

The core components of this reference design include an automotive power microcontroller with SPC57 2L Line 32-bit power system architecture and the L9177A with highly integrated power, interface, and load actuators. These components are specifically designed for the relevant application and market needs. This reference design also includes STMicroelectronics' STGD18N40 IGBT and L9616 CAN interface integrated circuit.

The SPC57 2L Line is part of the 32-bit Automotive Microcontroller (MCU) family designed to manage the chassis, gearbox, steering and braking systems of four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. It includes an intelligent general timer module (GTM), 16-bit input and 56-bit output channels, 1.5MB of read and write flash memory for analog EEPROM, 64KB general-purpose static memory, two digital speckle interference (DSPI) modules, an enhanced version of an analog-to-digital converter system, and self-test capability.

The L9177A includes a power supply and an actuator that can drive a two-cylinder internal combustion engine that takes advantage of ST's proprietary BCD process to integrate logic and power circuits onto a single die. It includes a 300mA/5V thermal shutdown stabilizer, a 5V tracking regulator with battery short circuit protection, two low on-resistance valve actuations, a stepper motor for engine idle speed control, and an oxygen sensing heater, and Fully self-diagnosing.


The product can now be ordered through Arrow, please visit Arrow's website for more information.