According to reports, the world's second-largest NAND flash memory chip maker KIOXIA executives mentioned in a media interview that China's memory chip makers are not easy to catch up in two to three years, the market oversupply situation has ended, the previous oversupply has squeezed the profit margin to its lowest level in 10 years.

The Chinese market is the fastest growing memory chip market in the world, where the demand for chips for next-generation 5G devices and data center servers is growing. In addition, the upgrade of hard drives from HDDs to SSDs in personal computers will also have a positive impact on market demand. YMTC, a memory chip maker from China, has invested $24 billion in NAND projects, and the project is expected to go into production by the end of 2019. Last year, it was reported that Apple, the world's largest flash buyer, conducted a survey of YMTC to evaluate its status as a potential supplier.

“China does have the ambition to promote the development of its memory chip industry. The biggest competitor from the Chinese market is YMTC, which is the company most likely to have an impact on the global supply chain. But there is still a long way to go to catch up. We don't know what will happen in the next four or five years, Chinese companies may have an advantage in the global market in the future. But we will continue to invest to ensure that we can participate in the competition for a long time." KIOXIA executives said.