According to supply chain, the market price of MLCC in China has experienced an abnormal upward trend in the past two weeks, and some part numbers have increased by 50%.

SemiMedia learned from major MLCC manufacturers that the current factory quotation to customers is stable, although the inventory level has been reduced during the previous destocking process, the overall capacity is sufficient. From the source, there seems to be no sign of any price increase.

According to analysis by supply chain insider, the price increase of MLCC started from the release of iPhone 11. In the past few days, various smartphone manufacturers have released new mobile phones, but even if demand rises, it will not affect MLCC supply in such a short time. The supply chain industry insiders stressed that from the current point of view, there is no real reason for the MLCC price increase, it should be market behavior. It is recommended that buyers who need to purchase MLCC should wait and see for a while, because the upward trend is not expected to last too long.