On September 17, STMicroelectronics announced that its new fab in Singapore was officially put into operation. According to STMicroelectronics, the AMK Fab13 aims to enhance its strength in the field of automotive electrification and digitization. Jean-Marc Chéry, CEO of STMicroelectronics, recently visited the new Fab in Singapore.

Prior to this, Arnaud Bonnet, vice president of microcontroller and digital IC business and online marketing at STMicroelectronics Asia Pacific, said: "In order to ensure product quality consistency, Singapore fab completely copied the French factory. Usually, this work takes 5 to 6 quarters to complete, but ST only takes 3 quarters."

In addition, Arnaud also stressed that AMK Fab13 will gradually expand capacity, climb slowly, and add other categories when the market needs, it will be more flexible than other fabs.