On September 9, China's largest OSAT (outsourcing semiconductor assembly and testing) service provider and discrete device manufacturer Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.(JCET) announced the appointment of Zheng Li as chief executive and nominated as a director. Former CEO Dr. Choon Heung Lee will continue to serve as the company's chief technology officer and continue to work on the company's development.

Zheng Li has over 26 years of working experience in the IC industry. Prior to joining JCET, Mr. Zheng Li served as Senior Vice President and President of Greater China at NXP. He also served as CEO of Renesas Electronics Greater China and Senior Vice President of Global Markets at SMIC.

Mr. Zheng Li received his bachelor's degree in industrial management engineering from Tianjin University and his master's degree in financial economics from the University of Tokyo, Japan. He is also a member of the China Semiconductor Industry Association and an adjunct professor at the Department of Microelectronics of Tianjin University.