According to the supply chain, MediaTek has booked a 7nm production capacity (1Q 2020) of 12,000 wafers to TSMC for the production of the first 5G chip codenamed MT6885.

According to the source, MediaTek's chairman Rick Tsai will personally visit TSMC to secure more capacity, and hope to reach 20,000 wafers to meet demand.

According to reports, MediaTek's demand comes from 5G mobile phone orders from China's mobile phone manufacturers OPPO and vivo. At the same time, MediaTek is sending samples to Huawei. If the certification is successful, it will have the opportunity to enter Huawei's supply chain and win Huawei's 5G low-end mobile phone orders.

It is reported that one of MediaTek's customers hopes to ship earlier than expected, so Rick Tsai decided to visit TSMC. Overall, Rick is optimistic about the 5G chip shipments in the first quarter.