According to the Nikkei News today, the Japanese government began to loosen its export controls on South Korea, allowing some semiconductor manufacturing materials to be exported to South Korea. This is the first time Japan has approved the export of semiconductor manufacturing materials since the tightening of export controls to South Korea in July this year.

According to reports, the approved material for export is EUV photoresist, which is very important for Samsung's chip manufacturing. After review by the Japanese government, these approved semiconductor materials have determined that there is no risk for military use. However, even after this resumption of export, Japanese companies will face the same complicated review process every time they export.

At present, Japanese companies exporting semiconductor materials to mainland China and Taiwan are also subject to export approval, but exportation of photoresist and fluoro polyimide can be fully approved for shipment to Taiwan and mainland China.

At present, Korean chip manufacturing is eager to find alternatives to Japan's key materials, and this approval has given them temporary relief.