Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. announced the introduction of a temperature sensor, the MAX30208 and heart rate monitor, the MAXM86161, to help designers easily create next-generation wearable medical and fitness products. The MAX30208 reduces temperature measurement power consumption by 50%, and the MAXM86161 reduces optical solution size by 40%. In addition, design engineers can take advantage of the MAXM86161's highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to improve measurement sensitivity and accuracy.

For wearable medical and fitness monitoring devices, consumers need to measure vital signs such as body temperature and heart rate with higher precision, and product designers are often constrained by factors such as small size, battery power, and body-worn design. Maxim's two new medical sensors offer higher measurement accuracy and are ideal for continuously monitoring vital signs such as body temperature, heart rate, and peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2).

The MAXM86161 ear-input heart rate and pulse oximetry monitor is the smallest complete solution on the market today, providing high-precision measurements of heart rate and SpO2 for other wearable applications such as earwear. Designed for use in ear-in-the-ear applications, the device offers industry-leading small form factor (40% smaller than the nearest competitor) and offers the best SNR for a wide range of development applications. The MAXM86161 consumes approximately 35% less power than competing products, effectively extending the battery life of wearable devices. In addition, the device integrates a complete analog front end (AFE), eliminating the need for external AFE chips or optical modules.

The MAX30208 digital temperature sensor provides clinical-grade temperature measurement accuracy (±0.1°C) for fast response to temperature changes. The device also meets the stringent power and size requirements of small, battery-powered applications such as smart watches and medical stickers. The device simplifies battery power and temperature measurement in wearable medical products. Compared to competing products, the device is very easy to use and can be temperature measured from the top of the device without the need for thermal interference. The MAX30208 supports up to four I2C addresses, allowing multiple sensors to be attached to the same IC bus.


Availability and Price

  • The MAXM86161 is priced at $4.41 (base on 1000pcs, FOB USA) and is available through Maxim's official website and authorized distributors; the MAXM86161EVSYS# evaluation kit is available for $150.
  • The MAX30208 is priced at $1.25 (based on 1000pcs, FOB USA) and is available through Maxim's official website and authorized distributors; the MAX30208EVSYS# evaluation kit is available for $56.

For more information on these two product devices, please refer to the Maxim Integrated website: