Vishay announces a new line of power general purpose miniaturized screw terminal aluminum capacitors, the Vishay BCcomponents 501 PGM-ST, which offers up to 10% more capacity and ripple current handling capability than previous generation devices, allowing designers to store higher energy in smaller spaces. This series of capacitors can be used in a wide range of applications and end products, including motor drives, HVAC, inverter welders, UPS, X-ray machines, microgrid interfaces, wind turbines and scientific inspection equipment.

The 501 PGM-ST series devices are rated at 400 V, 450 V and 500 V with capacities from 1000 mF to 18 000 mF. It has a cylindrical aluminum shell, the outside is insulated with a blue sleeve, and the sealing disc has a pressure reducing device with a service life of 5000 hours. In addition, the capacitors are lead (Pb) free and RoHS compliant.

The 501 PGM-ST series devices are polarized aluminum electrolytic capacitors with non-solid electrolytes, making them ideal for applications requiring small, high energy storage.

Currently, 501 PGM-ST capacitors with selected capacitance values are available for sampling and mass production, with lead times of 18 weeks for volume production. For more information on this range of products, please refer to Vishay's website: