In September 2018, Alibaba officially announced the establishment of chip company Ping Tou Ge Semiconductor Co., Ltd. at the Computing Conference in Hangzhou. The company was formed by the integration of C-Sky, a Chinese chip company acquired by Alibaba, and the DAMO chip R&D team of Alibaba.

At the Alibaba Cloud Summit held in Shanghai on July 25th, Ping-Tou-Ge officially released the XuanTie910, which is currently the strongest RISC-V processor in the industry. According to reports, XuanTie910 can be used to design and manufacture high-performance end-chips for 5G, AI and autonomous driving.

According to the published parameters, the single-core performance of the XuanTie910 reaches 7.1 Coremark/MHz, and the main frequency reaches 2.5GHz, which is 40% higher than the best RISC-V processor in the industry.

The breakthrough in performance of the XuanTie910 is due to two technological innovations: First, the XuanTie910 uses a complex out-of-order execution architecture, which is the industry's first RISC-V processor to achieve two memory accesses per cycle; Second, based on RISC-V, more than 50 instructions have been extended to systematically enhance RISC-V's computing, storage and multi-core capabilities.

In addition, Ping-Tou-Ge announced that it will fully open the XuanTie910 IP Core in the future, and developers worldwide can download the FPGA code of the processor for free to quickly carry out chip prototyping and architectural innovation.

"The release of the XuanTie910 brings the second choice for high-end CPUs to global enterprises without the need for expensive licensing fees," said a Ping-Tou-Ge spokesperson.