AVX announces the completion of its expansion of its MLCC manufacturing facility in Penang, Malaysia, which adds 250,000 square feet to the original plant and now includes 450,000 square feet of 1K and 10K cleanrooms, state of the art manufacturing Equipment and test technology, as well as storage space designed to support secure storage and global exports. After the expansion, the Penang factory is becoming AVX's largest MLCC manufacturing facility in the world.

According to AVX, Penang's expansion project will support the company's extensive portfolio of high-performance, high-reliability passive components to meet the stringent requirements of electronic applications such as next-generation automotive systems, military, aerospace, defense, telecommunications, renewable energy, industrial, medical, consumer electronics, networking and transportation industries.

“AVX’s ceramic capacitor manufacturing facility in Penang has been operational for more than 20 years and is an established part of the local community. The new site expansion represents an investment of approximately $150 million and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to supporting the local economy and developing competitive, cutting-edge component solutions with a special focus on advanced automotive applications.” said Kumar Krishnamani, managing director, AVX Manufacturing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.