Recently, NXP senior vice president and president of greater China, Zheng Li mentioned in the media interview that with the advent of the 5G, mobile phones are only one of many smart terminals, and the second phase of 5G, the millimeter wave, will bring more opportunities to the industry.

Zheng Li pointed out that the carriers of 3G and 4G applications are all through mobile phones. 5G is a combination of Internet of Things and communication networks. The Internet of Things enables new applications through 5G's large capacity, high speed and low latency. So when the 5G arrives, the mobile phone is just one of many smart terminals, and the application of automotive and industrial Internet of Things will become the most valuable application in the 5G era.

Zheng Li stressed that after three years, 5G will enter the millimeter wave stage. The millimeter wave is currently mainly carried out in universities and research institutions or in satellite-related fields in China. The industry currently pays less attention to millimeter waves, and its investment is relatively small.

“When entering the 24G or higher millimeter wave three years later, the millimeter wave field will have obvious changes in technology, packaging or system, so there will be more opportunities in the second phase of 5G." Zheng Li said.