Vishay Semiconductors announces the introduction of a new ambient light sensor for compact applications such as smart watches and sports bracelets, the VEML6035, which combines high-sensitivity photodiodes, low-noise amplifiers and 16-bit ADCs in a compact 2 mm x 2 mm x 0.4 mm transparent surface mount package.

The VEML6035 is easily controlled with simple I2C commands for mobile device display dimming, such as smartphones and wearables, as well as optical switches for a variety of consumer, computing and industrial applications. These applications require very high sensitivity because of the need to be able to sensitize through a lens that is often very dark. In addition, the device's ultra-thin thickness of 0.4 mm saves space in a space-constrained design.

The VEML6035 detects a highly linear behavior from 0.004 lx to 6710 lx with resolutions as low as 0.0004 lx/ct, which allows it to be used in applications with low visibility (dark) lenses. The excellent temperature compensation of the VEML6035 allows it to maintain stability in the event of changes in ambient temperature. The sensor consumes only 170 μA in the operating mode and 0.5 μA in the programmable shutdown mode. In addition, the VEML6035 sensor eliminates board load by using an active interrupt function that can be initiated by a threshold window setting.

The VEML6035's supply voltage and I²C bus voltage range from 1.7 V to 3.6 V. The device is available in a lead-free (Pb) 6-lead package and is RoHS and Vishay green, halogen-free.

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