According to recent media reports, Toshiba's NAND flash memory factory had a 13-minute power outage at 6:25 pm local time on June 15th, and production did not resume until the morning of the 21st. Toshiba explained that the shutdown caused by an accident usually takes several days to several weeks to resume normal production.

However, according to a Japanese media report, the actual situation is not the case. There are 5 factories affected, of which Fab 2, Fab 3 and Fab 4 fabs have not resumed work, and the current situation is not clear.

Toshiba has not yet made an official explanation for the damage caused by power outages. Problems such as wafer damage, capacity recovery, and market supply are still unknown.

For downstream manufacturers and consumers, the biggest concern is that the Toshiba fab is damaged and the capacity is reduced, which eventually leads to the price increase of flash memory. At present, sources pointed out that Toshiba's current offer has not fluctuated and there is no sign of price increase.

However, some insiders recently revealed that Western Digital's July retail price will increase by 10-15% due to the Toshiba factory incident, but it has not been officially confirmed.