Recently, STMicroelectronics held its first industrial summit in the world in Shenzhen. The summit focused on the three major topics of motor control, power and energy, and automation with the theme of “New Industry, New Intelligence”. At the summit, ST and its partners exhibited more than 100 solutions and products and hosted nearly 40 in-depth technical conferences.

At present, ST has deep cooperation with drone manufacturers around the world. ST's products, including MCUs and motors, play an important role in the drone industry chain. In response to the large decline in the drone consumption market in 2018, ST expressed its views at the summit.

ST said that the drone market did show a certain degree of decline in 2018, but this situation will not continue, because the main reason for this situation is market strategy and business strategy.

The drone market has evolved from a personal toy a few years ago to a more specialized direction. In the development process of personal consumer products turning to specialization, more industry-related communication and more understanding of relevant agreements are needed. For ST, they have been continuously supplying products to the world's mainstream drone manufacturers, including MCUs and sensors, which can better support the development of the industry. ST will continue to maintain investment and resources in the industry, and ST believes that this market will find its own development strategy and way out faster.

At present, ST has maintained a very close business partnership with the top five brands in the drone industry. It also hopes that major brand manufacturers can quickly find the right direction of market development. Once their customers find their direction, ST will closely cooperate and provide proven solutions.

The drone market has always been an application-level market. ST's product line includes most of the components in the drone supply chain, including MCUs, motor control and other controllers and sensors. ST said that as long as the industry needs, ST can provide the corresponding solutions and corresponding products at any time.