According to IC Insights, IDM and IC design companies headquartered in the United States accounted for 46% and 68% of the global total in 2018, accounting for an average of more than 50% of the global IC market, far more than companies headquartered in Korea, Europe, Japan, Mainland China and Taiwan region.

The world's second largest is South Korea, South Korea's IDM has a 35% global market share, accounting for an average of 27% of the global IC market, an increase of 3% over 2017; Japan's IDM business accounted for 9% of the world, IC design is less than 1% , with an average market share of 7%, ranked third.

IC Insights: The US dominates the IC market in 2018-SemiMedia

Companies in Taiwan have a 16% market share with IC design, accounting for 6% of the overall IC market. Mainland China companies have a lower market share in IDM, but IC design accounts for 13% of the market, accounting for 3% of the global IC market.

According to IC Insights, Korean and Japanese companies are weak in the IC design industry, and companies in Mainland China and Taiwan have a very low market share in IDM. Overall, US-based companies benefited from the balanced performance and strong performance of IDM and IC design companies, so the US dominated the IC market in 2018.