On June 10, Renesas Electronics Co., Ltd. announced the establishment of a joint laboratory for automotive electronics with SAIC VOLKSWAGEN AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY LIMITED (SVW). SVW is a joint venture between German car manufacturer VOLKSWAGEN and China's SAICMOTOR. The joint lab will accelerate research and development to provide technical support for emerging automotive electronics applications such as cockpit and vehicle control in the Chinese automotive market.

The joint lab will combine Renesas' advanced microcontroller, system-on-chip and software expertise, and SAIC Volkswagen's R&D capabilities to help SAIC Volkswagen develop a new generation of automotive electronics platform that integrates software module design and system integration functions to meet the needs of China's automotive electronics industry.

“We are very pleased to be able to cooperate with SAIC Volkswagen to jointly expand the business in the Chinese market by combining their respective fields of expertise and further accelerate the innovation of automotive electronics design,” said Tomomitsu Maoka, Senior Vice President of Renesas Electronics Corporation and Chairman of Renesas Electronics China. "Through the joint lab, we will work together to explore cutting-edge technologies that drive innovation in China's automotive industry."