Recently, OmniVision Technologies, Inc. announced its first 0.8μm 32-megapixel image sensor, the OV32A, loaded with Purecel® Plus stacked technology. This new image sensor delivers industry-leading performance for high-end smartphones.

OmniVision uses the finer PureCel® Plus design and process technology to achieve the ultra-small pixel size of the OV32A. In addition, the optimized upper and lower pin placement design reduces the horizontal size of the module, and is designed to provide the best solution for thin-framed, screen-optimized smartphone front-facing cameras.

The OV32A features an advanced 4-Cell pixel color filter design with built-in 4-cell to Bayer conversion. This enables a full output of 32 megapixel under normal lighting conditions. Even in low-light conditions, the OV32A's 4 cell function delivers 8 megapixel images with 4x low light sensitivity and achieve seamless transition from real-time quarter resolution to 32 megapixel still images and video capture.

The OV32A enables high-resolution imaging in a variety of formats, including 32 frames per second with 32 megapixel, or 60 frames per second, 4 in 1 and 8 megapixel. The product also supports 4K2K resolution at 60 frames per second, 1080p resolution at 120 frames per second, and 720p resolution video at 240 frames per second.

Arun Jayaseelan, senior marketing manager at OmniVision, said: "Consumers have higher and higher pixel resolution requirements for high-end smartphone front-facing cameras, and the market demand for high-performance smartphone cameras continues to rise, while the circuit space inside smartphones is very limited. With a pixel size of 0.8 micron OV32A, it supports 32 megapixel resolution in a 1/2.8" optical format. The OV32A is ideal for high-end smartphones."