TSMC held a shareholders meeting on June 5. Chairman Mark Liu said at the meeting that TSMC may consider acquiring US semiconductor companies. In addition, if the cost is right, TSMC may consider building a new plant in the United States.

Mark said that due to poor sales of high-end smart phones in the first half of this year, inventory has increased, and it is expected to grow in the third and fourth quarters. The operating performance in the second half of this year will be better than that in the second half of last year. Mark stressed that there are many variables this year, and negotiations between China and the United States are still going on, which will affect the needs of end customers and indirectly affect customers' orders for TSMC.

Regarding advanced processes, TSMC has started trial production at 5nm. Mark mentioned that TSMC will be the first foundry of the global semiconductor industry to mass produce 5nm process nodes. Customers are very positive about the value of 5nm, and it is expected that the performance of 5 nm will be better than that of the previous generation.

Regarding TSMC's consideration of acquiring a semiconductor company in the United States, TSMC is still in the planning stage, so there is not much detail mentioned. SemiMedia will follow up on the report.