Recently, Cosemitech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. completed tens of millions of RMB pre A round financing for innovative product research and development investment and new market expansion. According to reports, Cosemitech had previously received angel financing from three investment companies in March 2017.

Founded in 2014, Cosemitech is a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions from China. Its main research and development products are magnetic sensor chips, and its product category is similar to that of Melexis.

According to reports, Cosemitech has high-performance locking switch Hall chip - CH46X series, small current lock switch Hall chip - CH42X series, economical lock switch Hall chip - CH41X series, high reliability single pole switch Hall chip - CH9XX series, automotive grade BCD process locking switch Hall chip - CH44X series and other product lines, and has a number of customers worldwide.

In addition, according to the data, Cosemitech's monthly chip shipments reached more than 10 million pieces, and it has a market share of 30% in the electric bicycle magnetic sensor market, and is continuing to penetrate other magnetic sensor chip applications, including about 2% of the air conditioning market, 1% of car shifters, 0.5% of small appliances, 0.3% of automotive BMS, and 0.1% of communication magnetic sensors.