The chip design company Arm recently announced the latest SoC design solution, the introduction of the Mali-G77 GPU and Cortex-A77 CPU architecture, these two architectures will make great progress in performance, especially in terms of AI performance.

According to reports, the Mali-G77 processor based on the new Valhall architecture has 40% faster overall image processing performance than last year's Mali-G76, and a 60% increase in machine learning. Mobile phones equipped with the Mali-G77 will better handle computer vision, device optimization and other related work. The Mali-G77 architecture also reduces bandwidth usage by 40% while increasing energy efficiency by 30%.

It is worth mentioning that the Mail-G77 GPU can also work with the new Mali-D77 display processor.

Arm's chip architecture solution will be used by chip makers such as Qualcomm and Samsung, so there may be some differences in chip performance on different products. But in any case, the performance of mobile phones based on the new chip solution must be significantly improved. If all goes well, we are expected to see the latest technology on our flagship smartphone or laptop in 2020.