According to earlier reports, the global semiconductor industry's revenue will fall by 7.4% in 2019, and the semiconductor industry will usher in a "bad" year. In response to this, STMicroelectronics CEO Mr. Jean-Marc Chery and other executives recently said that the ST is optimistic about the future.

Mr. Jean-Marc Chery said that ST's performance in the second half of this year should be better than the first half. There are two main reasons for this: First, ST is working with customers on a number of projects to connect and cooperate with others, mainly in the automotive field and personal electronics. According to the progress and results of the current cooperation, the performance in the second half of the year should be better than the first half. Second, it is expected that the industrial market and the mass market will bring new growth to ST, so this year ST has put special attention back to Asia, especially the Chinese market. ST will increase the performance of ST in the Chinese market through its authorized distributors in the Chinese market.

ST executives also said that even if the current market is in a weak stage, the entire market has not reached its worst time, and hopes that there will be a strong rebound in the second half of this year. At the same time, ST believes that it is necessary to increase research and development efforts to continuously introduce new products. ST will launch the new MCU of STM32 series this year, aiming to bring customers more secure solutions and more artificial intelligence solutions.

In addition, ST hopes to better focus on the four terminal markets, namely the automotive market, the Internet of Things market, the personal electronics market and the communications equipment market. ST said that focusing on these markets will not only sell products, but also bring a broader product portfolio to customers in order to solve customer pain points. ST executives emphasize that ST will maximize the use of resources to help stabilize production, provide sufficient production capacity, and make a commitment to customers that products are not obsolete for ten years.