Rick Tsai, the chief executive of MediaTek, recently pointed out in a media interview that TSMC's technology is now comparable to Intel's, and TSMC's competitor Samsung still needs a period of time to catch up with TSMC. In addition, in response to the rise of the semiconductor industry in mainland China, he pointed out that in terms of IC design and packaging, there is indeed a good development in mainland China.

Rick Tsai has another identity, which is the former CEO of TSMC. When he was interviewed by the media on the afternoon of May 2, he pointed out that he recalled the question asked by TSMC founder Morris Chang 20 years ago, that is when TSMC can surpass Intel, everyone at the time thought it was a distant dream. But now, TSMC's technology can be said to be on the same level as Intel in the semiconductor industry.

As for Samsung, it has recently announced that it will invest heavily in the development of the foundry business in the hope of further surpassing TSMC. Rick Tsai said that although Samsung has considerable competitive strength, its operating model is very different from TSMC. Because the relationship between Samsung and its customers is more complicated, and some of its customers are also their competitors. Therefore, in this respect, it will take some time for Samsung to catch up with TSMC.

In addition, Rick Tsai said that China has a large market and a large number of talents, and has its own advantages in developing the semiconductor industry. As far as the current situation is concerned, Chinese companies have already accumulated a certain amount of experience in IC design and packaging testing. However, mainland China is still relatively weak in manufacturing.