TSMC held a technology symposium at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California on the 23rd. In the technology symposium, TSMC revealed its innovative breakthroughs in advanced logic technology, special technology and advanced packaging.

TSMC President C.C. Wei said that TSMC is a trusted technology and capacity provider in the semiconductor industry to help customers innovate. TSMC's advanced technology accelerates the innovation of smart phones and continues to advance wireless communications. At the same time, the latest 7nm process has become a key technology to promote artificial intelligence (AI), allowing AI to be embedded in many innovative services. Looking to the future, the combination of 5nm and more advanced process technologies and customer innovation will bring an amazing 5G experience and transformative AI applications to everyday life.

David Keller, General Manager and CEO of TSMC North America, said that the TSMC Technology Forum has grown with the company and has evolved from an annual update of technology to an industry event that fully demonstrates the technology platform and design ecosystem. However, what has not changed for many years, and what will not change in the future is the spirit of TSMC's commitment to innovation and customer success.

At the technical symposium, in addition to TSMC's sharing of mobile device platforms, IoT platforms, high-performance computing platforms and automotive platforms, as well as advanced RF technologies, analog technologies and advanced packaging technologies, TSMC's customers also described successful cases of cooperation with TSMC. The agenda covers TSMC's advanced technology, special technology, design implementation, and manufacturing excellence.